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property document verification help

property document verification in kanyakumari to chennai

What we do for you ( pROPERTY DOCUMENT ISSUES) :

When we try to take home loan or sell property or gifting property to childs whatever it is !        everything needs perfect document match with government rules.more people don’t know about how to verify or clear the document everyone needs property document verification help & clearance . we help and give guidance :

  • We have the experience to verify and tell the faults in the various legal property document like patta, property tax, Revenue paper, death certificate as per government law
  • We can clear the boundary stone (EastWestSouthNorth) correction with the help of government surveyor
  • We take care of your property registration, modt registration, cancellation.

Building plan :

We assure you to get the building plan with estimation and approval.Also house construction and maintenance exemption with the lowest quote.If you want to know more Read It

legal care and third party sale:

  • when you try to sell your property immediately and its legal document are not in proper position , the receiver may also tend to down the selling price. we will take care of all your legal reports and assure that it will be very useful for your purchase.
  • if there is any difficulties or any problem to sell a property or taking any type of home loan we will give you a solution to clear all your legal problems like a death certificate, legal heir certificate clearance, court degree and judgment clearance.
  • mostly you know about the property but your childs or grandchild doesn’t know details because of this reason sometimes loan process get a delay. we take care of this problem and clear it.we will create a separate file document and read it for each survey number as per needs.If you want to know how to calculate the loan please click itmfc-web-pds property document verification help

what type of services offered by us ( for property document issues ):

  • document verification help with get clear

  • will deed

  • sale deed

  • settlement deed

  • partition deed

  • gift Deed

  • cibil clarification

  • land sketch draw faults

  • survey number, boundary variation


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