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Common List of documents

Common List of supporting documents while applying for the loan:

For a Salaried person:

  • Indian citizen
  • Application form duly filled in
  • Photo paste across with signature

ID proof of address proof:

  • Pancard
  • Ration card
  • VoterId
  • Driving license
  • Passport employee id
  • Email id compulsory

Qualification Proof:

  • Only Professional Education Like BE, ME, MBBS, PhD

Salary Documentation:

  • Salary Certificate(or)Last 3months payslip
  • Last 6months Bank statement
  • Last 2years form16
  • Lic policy Details

Building Details:

  • Building plan(Approved (or) Refused
  • Approval Letter
  • Estimate panel valuer Report(Engineer Report)
  • Route map
  • Building photo
  • Building inspection

Property Document Details:

  • Own document
  • Previous document like parent, chain document of 12years
  • Land tax receipt
  • House tax receipt(if any)
  • Patta
  • Encumbrance certificate (Will)
  • MODT
  • Legalhiar certificate(Pacelli 1407,1408,1409(If any)

(Legal opinion report to authorize LIC HFL advocate)

Verification Report (Salary, Residence, Telephone Verification)

  • Photocopy of application form duly filled in
  • Salary certificate (or) Last payslip Xerox

Guarantor Details(if any)

  • Salary certificate
  • Photocopy of Identity card and Address Proof
  • Guarantor Verification Report

Cibil clarification Details(if any):

  • Past Loan Details of personal loan, vehicle loan,

Housing loan, Jewel loan, education loan

  • Guarantor Details(If any)

Personal Discussion in Lic housing finance office:

  • Application form duly filled in original
  • All original ID and Address Proof for verification

Processing Fees Details:

     1% processing fees including tax info 18%

     Accept Demand Draft only, Cersei-






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