List of Documents for Housing Loan

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List of Documents for Housing Loan

List of Documents for Home Loan

List of Documents for House Purchase and Land purchase with house construction:

List of Documents for Home Loan ID proof of Address Proof:

  • Photos
  • Pancard
  • Aadhar ID
  • Ration card
  • Professional qualification

Power of attorney           

  • Aadhar ID
  • Photo

Employee Details:

  • Emirates Id passport last five years inner page Xerox with Visa embassy attestation
  • Salary certificate with embassy attestation
  • Last 6months payslip with self-attested

    Original for verification

  • Working company website ID
  • Appointment order copy/work contract copy/employment offer letter with company website ID
  • Abroad Working Experience Details/previous work experience
  • Company HR mail ID for verification purpose

Bank details:

  • Monthly Salary credit on Bank Rs.50,000/- and above
  • Last one-year salary credit bank statement (original duly sealed by bank)
  • One-year NRE or NRO Bank statement
  • Savings Bank Account in India – Last 1month
  • list-of-documents-for-housing-loan List of Documents for Housing Loan

Property legal document continuity 12years document

Previous documents, land tax, house tax, E.B bill

Water connection bill,patta,Ec,MODT with Ec..etc

Vendor details:

  • Original document verification by LIC HFL advocate
  • Aadhar ID xerox
  • Pancard xerox
  • Bank pass book print Last one-month
  • Sale Agreement price

Building Details:

  • Plan Approval with Approval Letter
  • Id proof of Address Proof
  • Photo 4, pan card, Aadhar ID
  • Ration card, Qualification Proof with power attorney

Guarantor if need;

  • Photo, Pancard, Aadhar All original verified
  • Last 3months payslip(original,self-attested)
  • Last 3months Bank pass Book entry(original,self-attested Xerox)

Calculation for Example Sale Agreement:

  • House Purchase – 20,00,000/-Above 80%
  • House Purchase – 20,00,000/- Below 85%
  • Land Purchase – 70%
  • House Construction Estimate – 20,00,000/-Above 80%
  • House Construction Estimate -20,00,000/-below85%

Common List of Documents

List of Document for NRI customer’s

List of Document for Ship employer



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